Quest for Catrin, Celtic Woman Warrior


Celtic Woman Warrior Holding Sword

Quest for Catrin



Photographic Vision of Catrin

In April of this year, I began a quest to create a photographic vision of CATRIN—the free-spirited Celtic princess in my completed novel, APOLLO’S RAVEN. Set in first-century Britain, Catrin has been trained as a warrior alongside men in her kingdom and has a deep spiritual connection with her raven protector.

At the beginning of the story, the thirteen-year-old Catrin points her sword toward a raven flying over the white cliffs of Britain as she prepares to join its spirit in preparation for battle.

Raven Flying in Sky

Raven Protector

Rebekah West Photographer

I described my vision to Rebekah West—my former flamenco instructor and photographer with an artistic flair. Rebekah and I, both Aquarians, bounced ideas off each other on how best to transform my vision of Catrin into photographic images.

Dover Cliffs Britain

White Cliffs Britain

And thus, the quest began for finding the right person to pose as Catrin.

My Daughter as Catrin? 

At first, I thought, perhaps, my married daughter, Sonja, could be dressed as a Celtic warrior for the photo shoot. It made sense. The heroine Catrin was based, in part, upon Sonja—a former college track athlete, lean and powerful, standing a smidgen over five feet tall.

Sonja–Celtic Warrior?

Further, Sonja had trekked with me through France to all the historical sites where Catrin, after she is enslaved by the Romans, journeys on her perilous odyssey.

This was Sonja’s first trip to Europe. The challenges of our trip were heightened as we reacquainted ourselves to each other again, 24 hours a day.  (To be continued—Quest for Catrin: Adventures in Gaul)

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