Quest for Catrin: Adventures in Gaul (Part 3)



Lugdunum Roman Gaul (Lyon, France)

On the last day of our adventure to rediscover the ancient sites where Catrin, Celtic warrior princess, journeys in APOLLO’S RAVEN, my daughter, Sonja, and I discovered the Botanical Garden of Lyon—an eight-acre haven of lush gardens, greenhouse, blue-green lake, mythological statues and zoo. We postponed our train ride to Marseille, France until we had a chance to explore this park.

Below is a pathway along a blue-green lake in the gardens.

Lake in Botanical Garden

Lyon Botanical Garden Lake


Sonja poses on a pathway next to a pond leading to the garden.


Botanical Garden in Lyon Park

Sonja Botanical Garden Lyon


Below is a statue of a mythological  female centaur (part human and part horse) kissing her lover.


Female Centaur with Lover

Female Centaur Lyon


The colonnaded rose garden, pictured below, was yet another example of the splendid gardens in this lush botanical garden.


Botanical Garden Lyon France

Lyon  Botanical Rose Garden


After a six-hour respite in the Lyon Botannical Gardens, Sonja and I boarded a train along the scenic Rhone River to the site of the ancient city of Massilia, Gaul (modern Marseilles France) to continue our adventures

(To be continued–Quest for Catrin: Adventures in Gaul)


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