Quest for Catrin: Adventures in Massilia Roman Empire (Modern Marseille) (Part 6)

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Quest for Catrin: Adventures in Gaul (Part 6)

Massilia Roman Empire (modern Marseille, France)

Mediterranean Sea Adventure

Leaving the coastal town of Marseille, France—the ancient site of Massilia—my daughter, Sonja, and I took a sea adventure on a motorboat to Cassis.


Against the backdrop of towering white cliffs, the Mediterranean Sea was turquoise along the shallow shoreline.

Calanques Limestone Cove

Calanques Limestone Cove

When the motorboat escaped the protective harbor of Marseille, my daughter and I reveled in the spray of sea water slapping our face as we jostled up and down on the open deck. The Calanques—steep-walled inlets, coves, or bays—lined the Provence coastline.

Calanques—Steep-walled Limestone Inlet

Calanque Provence Coastline


The limestone cliffs were sparsely vegetated with evergreen shrubs such as sage, juniper and myrtle.

Provence Calanques Bay

Calanques Provence Coastline


After we traveled half-way to Cassis, I turned to Sonja and with a big grin, I said,  “Let me take your picture.”

Her face was as white as the cliffs. “No, I’m sick.” Unfortunately, she spent most of the remaining journey in the belly of the ship with a few other seasick passengers.

Sunset Marseille Frioul Archipelago 

After a short recovery time from her seafaring journey, Sonja graciously watched the spectacular sunset with me behind the Frioul Archipelago, a group of four islands close to Marseille. I took copious notes of the fiery colors which set the stage for the final chapters of APOLLO’S RAVEN.

Sunset Marseille

Sunset Frioul Archipelago, Marseille


Sunset Marseille Archipelago

Sunset Frioul Archipelago Marseille


This was the end of the Gaul Adventure for my daughter, but the beginning of our renewed relationship after

Quest for Catrin: Photographic Adventure

After the adventures in France to research APOLLO’S RAVEN, I wanted to create a photographic vision of Catrin, the spiritual warrior in APOLLO’S RAVEN.  My original intent was to photograph my daughter, but we both agreed that I needed to someone younger closer in age to the thirteen-year-old Catrin at the beginning of the story. The next choice was my eleven-year-old granddaughter, Maylin.

My next series of blogs will describe the photographic journey I undertook with Rebekah West, a photographer with an artistic flare from Boulder, CO (, who transformed Maylin into a Celtic warrior princess.
(To be continued—Quest for Catrin: Photographic Adventure)


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