Quest for Catrin: Photographic Adventure—Celtic Spiritual Warrior (Part 5)



Since brevity is the soul of wit, I will be brief,” said Polonius in HAMLET—wise advice for writers.

Quest for Catrin: Photographic Adventure of Celtic Spiritual Warrior (Part 5)

Photographic Journey

Finally on June 13, 2012 the photographic adventure was completed with my eleven-year-old granddaughter, Maylin, who posed as Catrin—the Celtic spiritual warrior in my unpublished novel, APOLLO’s RAVEN, a historical fantasy set in Ancient Britain, 24 AD.  All the challenges for this shoot had been successfully met:

  • Maylin was costumed in leather chest and wrist armor based on actual replicas from archaeological digs.
  • The hills next to Fairview High School in Boulder, CO provided an ideal landscape similar to the Dover Cliffs hillsides in Britain.
  • A stencil was uniquely designed as a template to paint a raven on Maylin’s forehead.
  • Maylin’s long hair was braided; leather strips and feathers were tied into her hair.
  • Maylin was armed with a Celtic sword.

Isabelle Kai made-up Maylin at the South Boulder Recreation which took approximately 1 ½ hours. Some young girls watched with fascination as Isabelle transformed Maylin into a Celtic warrior princess—not a typical event one would expect to see before a workout.

Celtic Spiritual Warrior Close-up

Catrin–Celtic Warrior Princess

After Maylin was made-up and dressed, she met Rebekah West and three of her assistants (Isa, Emily, and Shevek) beside the high school’s concrete wall, the backdrop for a stone fortress. Amazingly right before the shoot, a raven landed on the roof and cawed at us—a wondrous start for the shoot. Maylin embodied Catrin and the scenes from the story came alive.  At sunset, a hilltop and a pine tree grove close to the school set the stage for the final photographs.

Below are photographs and excerpts from APOLLO’S RAVEN which best captured my vision.


Catrin silently walked through a grove of trees and stepped over a few brambles to find several warriors sharpening their swords. Catrin waved to one thirteen-year-old girl. She thought to herself, I’m the same age as that girl. Why wasn’t I asked to fight? 

Celtic Woman Warrior Prepares for Battle

Celtic Woman Warrior Prepares for Battle


The breaking dawn provided light for Catrin and Mor on the cliff top pathway. When they reached the summit, they could see clouds in the eastern horizon aflame with orange. Mor tied feathers into Catrin’s golden braids and using blue woad, painted wings on Catrin’s forehead.

Celtic Spiritual Warrior

Catrin, Celtic Spiritual Warrior

(To be continued—Quest for Catrin: Photographic Adventure; Additional Excerpts and Photographs)


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