Quest for Catrin: Photographic Adventure—Celtic Spiritual Warrior (Part 6)


 The images of myth are reflections of the spiritual  potentialities of every one of us. Through contemplating these, we evoke these powers in our lives — Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

Quest for Catrin: Photographic Adventure—Celtic Spiritual Warrior (Part 6)

Photographic Journey

On June 13, 2012 the photographic adventure was completed with my eleven-year-old granddaughter, Maylin. She posed as the heroine in my unpublished novel, APOLLO’s RAVEN, a historical fantasy about Catrin—a Celtic spiritual warrior from Ancient Britain.  Below is a continuation of the photographs  and excerpts from APOLLO’S RAVEN which best captured my vision.


Catrin took the red-jeweled sword from Mor and pointed the blade toward a raven flying over the chalky cliffs.

Soaring Raven

Raven Over White Cliffs Britain

The brilliance of the sun escaping the cover of the horizon momentarily blinded her.

Celtic Warrior Princess

Catrin, Celtic Spiritual Warrior Summons Raven

A biting wind carrying the smell of salt roared across the water as she beseeched the raven’s spirit. “Let me see my enemies.”

Celtic Woman Warrior Summons Raven Spirit

Catrin Summons Raven

Her spirit shot like an arrow into the soaring bird. A light flashed in her mind and she became one with its spirit. Sparks burned through her legs and into her spine and arms; her muscles contracted in synchrony with the bird’s wings. Now she could see the world through raven eyes.

Celtic Spiritual Warrior

Catrin Spiritual Warrior Joins Raven


(To be continued—Quest for Catrin: Photographic Adventure; Photographs and Excerpts)


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