Raven Powers

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Raven Powers

What does Baltimore have in common with Celtic warriors? Answer: Raven Powers.

Now that I am more than half-way through the first draft of my second novel with the working title, Raven’s Black Fire, I was pleasantly surprised to find inspiration from the Baltimore Ravens in their play-off and Super Bowl games. During this time, my Celtic heroine, Catrin—a spiritual warrior—was also discovering her hidden Raven Powers.

For the previous three weeks, Bronco fans had been grieving the loss of Denver to Baltimore. Yet I sensed Baltimore was destined to win the Super Bowl.

Bird Auguries

The bird auguries in Colorado foretold Raven Powers would finally overcome their formidable opponents. I told my husband, who wisely remained nameless after he lost his gamble on the Forty-niners, that bird signs predict Baltimore would triumph in the Super Bowl. It only made sense. Baltimore had Raven Powers.

My husband said,“No way. The Fates are against Baltimore.”

“Ye of little faith,” I said. “Animal spirits always prevail.”

Day of Game

While my husband and I drove through Fort Collins on game day, I saw tens’ of crows, close cousins of the ravens, flying to a gnarly tree. I pointed out this ominous bird gathering to my husband and foretold, “Ravens will see their opponenst vanquished in the Super Bowl’s battlefield. This is surely a sign that Ravens would finally win the respect of the odds maker.”

Ironically, at half-time, Beyonce was garbed in what could be described as black raven feathers, another prognosticator of the Raven’s victory.

At the beginning of the second half, the stadium went black and lost all power. But behold! From darkness the truth illuminated the arena—Ravens would soon defeat the Forty-niners in a hard-fought contest.

I raise my wine glass in tribute to Raven Powers and the inspiration the Baltimore football team provided me as I wrote about a Celtic woman warrior from Celtic Britain, a great nation who still keeps ravens captive at the Tower of London. A superstition holds if these ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it.

Raven Protecting Tower of London

Raven Power at Tower of London

Despite the Raven Oracle, my husband unfortunately bet heavily on the wrong team with his friend and my editor, Bob. I love you both!