Insights after a KCD promo and tips on Thunderclap

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As promised, I’m sending out this post today to share with you my experiences with my very first KCD promo. I also have some insights and tips for you where it comes to Thunderclap.

In the past, I’d only run 3 FREE promos which had yielded anything between 500-5,000 downloads each. However, 99 cents is not FREE… People don’t spend easily even that nowadays, so I knew I was entering a whole different kind of game and tried not to keep my hopes too high.

Now, my goals for this promo were two:

  • Goal #1: The Necklace of Goddess Athena to gain bestseller status in the Amazon paid store
  • Goal #2: To have a minimum of 100 downloads

 I admit I was very disappointed when I didn’t reach goal #2 above, however, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve somehow nailed the first one!

Before I tell you what the outcome…

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