World AIDS Day: How Women are Making a Difference

Inspirational Post on Woman Who Have Had a Positive Impact on the Fight Against Aids

When Women Inspire

World AIDS Day. Women are making a difference. Photo via Flickr (CC BY-SA 4.0).

It is World AIDS Day, a day designed to remember people who have passed away from AIDS and generate discussion to help to end the epidemic. Women around the world are making a difference, today and throughout the year, to provide support for and increase awareness of AIDS. Here are just a few of the women who inspire:

Dolores Templeton

Dolores Templeton is the HIV and AIDS awareness coordinator for Prince Albert Métis Women Association. She is helping to reduce the stigma associated with AIDS by providing education to aboriginal communities in Prince Albert, Ontario. That is why the association partners with Access Place, starting today, to bring National Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week.

Templeton regularly gives presentations about HIV as Prince Albert’s rates of HIV within their aboriginal communities is high. Included in these speeches are…

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