WP may be targeting authors – this is my story

This is a reblog from Effrosyni Moschoudi that provides a tale of caution for those using WordPress WP MAY BE TARGETING AUTHORS – THIS IS MY STORY

Effrosyni's blog

Phew! Today is a good day. The last three days however, have been a nightmare and a half.

Last Saturday, I was updating a post when suddenly, my dashboard shut itself down and WordPress displayed the message that my blog had been suspended for violation of their terms. You can imagine my reaction. Panic isn’t the word. I sent them a message appealing the suspension and while I waited, I started googling for WP terms and guidelines and also asked a lot of authors for advice.

My findings soon led me to a few solid conclusions, which I hope any fellow bloggers out there will find insightful. But before I lay them out before you, I must explain first that I introduced affiliate parameters to my blog last week, having signed up with Amazon Associates. When my blog got suspended, I had just amended my widgets with the Amazon Associates…

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