Lauren Hill Gets an Honorary Coach Title

Inspirational Post from When Women Inspire by Christy Birmingham Regarding Lauren Hill Who Gets an Honorary Coach Title

When Women Inspire

Basketball, Lauren Hill and Inspiration Lauren Hill is an inspiration. Photo via University Herald website.

Lauren Hill is one inspirational young woman who can make you smile and cry, all in the same five minutes. While she won’t be able to play basketball anymore, she will continue to be a part of the sports world as an honorary coach.

About Lauren Hill

In case you aren’t familiar with her, Lauren Hill is a teenager who had the dream to play basketball at the college level. While that dream itself may seem interesting enough, it is the perseverance that this 19 year old has shown to reach that goal in spite of having been diagnosed last year with an inoperable brain tumor that makes her extraordinary. In spite of her health issues, Hill made it to the college level for basketball, inspiring many people by reaching her dream.

It was only a few weeks after Hill reached the…

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