Guest Post: Re-Examination of Human History for Gender Roles

Is is a pleasure to guest-post for When Women Inspire. This is an inspirational blog that devotes itself to highlighting achievements of women around the globe. The platform was founded in 2014 by Christy Birmingham as a way to share the powerful ways that women are enriching the world, in the hopes of empowering readers online.

When Women Inspire

It is with great pleasure that I open up the room to a guest post today. Welcome to Linnea Tanner! Linnea is an intriguing writer who pens blog posts and books about history, mythology and more. Here is her guest post about the re-examination of human history for gender roles.

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To understand the present and the alternative pathways for future social evolution, we must re-examine human history to understand how religion supports and perpetuates the social order it reflects. Earlier ancient legends spoke of a more harmonious and peaceful age that the ancient Greek poet, Hesiod, wrote of as “a golden race” who tilled the soil in “peaceful ease” before a “lesser race” brought in their god of war. These legends tell of a time when women and men lived together harmoniously in partnership.

Today, many of us view these legends as fantasy. But did…

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4 thoughts on “Guest Post: Re-Examination of Human History for Gender Roles

  1. Impressive Guest post, Linnea. I particularly agree with your conclusions and think that Greek Goddesses probably became less important as we get into an apollonian age (that would be by 5th century B.C).
    Happy New Year. Best wishes. Aquileana 😀

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  2. Thank you, Aquileana, for your gracious comment. I agree the decline of the goddesses were more gradual in Greek Mythology and they continued to serve important roles. Best wishes for a Happy New Year.



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