Search for the Golden Serpent—Luciana Cavallaro


It is my privilege to announce the release of Search for the Golden Serpent (Servant of the Gods Book 1) — an exciting historical fantasy by Australian author Luciana Cavallaro. In this epic odyssey, Luciana brings to life the pantheon of Ancient Greek gods and goddesses and the legend of Atlantis through the eyes of a 21st Century architect, a time traveler today’s audience can relate to. This tale not only sweeps you away into adventure, but it also richly shows the mystique of ancient civilizations and religions. This novel is a true delight, particularly for those who love mythology and the hero’s adventure.

Below is a preview of Search for the Golden Serpent  (eBook published March 27).

Search for the Golden Serpent
—Luciana Cavallaro

A new Hero is in Town!


Servant of the Gods Series

Servant of the Gods Series


Meet Evan Chronis, a talented architect from Perth, Australia with a chronic sleeping problem. His dreams are so vivid they feel real. Did he actually go for a swim while he slept? They begin to affect his work and health.  He seeks medical help to find out what’s happening to him.

In Search for the Golden Serpent (eBook published March 27) Evan meets Zeus, the King of the Gods. Zeus tells him in order to get back home he must journey through forgotten worlds, lost in antiquity.


Search for the Golden Serpent

Search for the Golden Serpent

It’s not where Evan appears, it’s when.

What if you’re born during another time, grew up in the 21st century and then were thrust back into the past? Confused? So is architect, Evan Chronis.

Evan, drawn by screams, ventures out to his backyard and sees blood trickling down the limestone stairs. He steps off the veranda and finds himself in the days of great and marvellous power, a time when the gods ruled the universe.

To return to the 21st century life he longs for, he must risk his life in search of powerful, treasured relics older than the Holy Grail. But what he finds might be more than he expected.

Will Evan find the relics and return home or will he remain forever stuck in a world so different from his own?

About the Author

Luciana Cavallaro is the author of Accursed Women and several short stories available on Amazon and Smashwords. Luciana is currently writing novels in the Servant of the Gods series. The first book in this series, Search for the Golden Serpentwill be released as an e-book on March 27.

Phograph of Luciana Cavallaro

Luciana Cavallaro, Author of SEARCH FOR THE GOLDEN SERPENT

Luciana grew up in the small town in Western Australia. The first in her family to attain a university degree, she taught in government and private schools. Her passion for Ancient mythology and history was ignited upon seeing the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. From then on, her inspiration to write historical fantasy was born. She has traveled extensively to Greece and Italy — the inspiration for her stories. After working as a teacher in high schools, she decided to fulfill her life-long ambition of being an author and storyteller.

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