Spirituality: The Raven totem

This was an interesting post I discovered on Raven Totems Published on MARCH 25, 2015 BY ZTEVETEVANS
Spirituality: The Raven totem

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Under the influence!

Around the world animal totems have been used by many different societies throughout history. In the present day some people still use them to help with their spiritual development and growth. Many societies believed that by reproducing an animal’s qualities in their own lives, spiritual growth, greater awareness and harmony with the universe can be achieved.

Animal totems are not the animal and they are not the animal spirit. Instead they are representations that serve to remind of both. These can be in the form of sculptures, or pictorial representations such as pictures or symbols, or something as simple as a feather from a bird that can be kept on the person, or somewhere convenient.

Raven – Public Domain

Harbinger of death

The Raven has a reputation of being a harbinger of death, destruction and ill omen, in the eyes of many human societies throughout history. This is often because…

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