The Invaded Island (Crete)

The following is a reblog from Rita Roberts Blog, regarding the archaeological findings in Crete. One of the most fascinating, highly advanced civilizations was the great Minoan civilization that rose and fell in Crete between 2600- 1400 BC, leaving palaces at Knossos, Phaistos ,Malia and Zakros. Crete has a rich history which this post highlights.

Enjoy the post.

Ritaroberts's Blog

Situated as it is, at the crossroads of sea communications between Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, the island of Crete has always been a tempting fruit, ripe for picking by invaders, colonisers and traders. Some have coveted the island for its natural riches of timber and fertile agricultural land; some have wanted to use it as a buffer between themselves and aggressors, others as a base for attacking enemies or as a departure point for invasions. Crete’s history is one of invasion, resistance, battle and bloodshed, interspersed  with periods of calm  and prosperity under a succession of rulers.

At times the island had seen  such prosperity that it has been known as the jewel of the Mediterranean. At other times it has sunk into the misery of neglect and cruelty so deep that it seemed that it would never rise again. Each succeeding culture, beneficial or destructive, has left…

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