The enduring legacy and power of trading

This article was recently posted on ETERNAL ATLANTIS by Luciana Cavallaro @ClucianaLuciana. It highlights the influence of trading by the Ancient Minoans. This is a part of an ongoing series on the fascinating Ancient Minoan civilization. Beginning several centuries ago, traders greatly influenced other lands by spreading their goods, cultural beliefs, and religious philosophies . The global economy has always been been a contributor of what is best about humankind–the need to discover other worlds and interact.

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Luciana Cavallaro

Trade and economy is an essential part to all countries and especially for governments, even if they are mucking it up. The concept of trading is not new. Before currency was invented, people bartered. The problem with bartering was getting something of equal value. That was a skill that required making a person believe they really wanted the object or livestock. Does this ring any bells? The early forms of sales and marketing. The Minoans, like other ancient civilisations, were industrious and traded various goods.

MinoanTradeRoutes1600-1400BC, Kommos Conservancy MinoanTradeRoutes1600-1400BC, Kommos Conservancy

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