Architectural genius

The following is a fascinating post on the ongoing series of the Minoans by Luciana Cavallaro from her website Eternal Atlantis. I was amazed to learn of the Minoan’s architectural advancement to rival modern times, including pipes to bring in water and to dispose of sewage. Also of interest is the mythology of Theseus and the Minotaur that arose during this time.

Please enjoy!

Luciana Cavallaro

The Palace of Knossos would have to be one of the most amazing ancient sites I was fortunate to see. Built around 2000 BCE, and the largest of structures on Crete, it was the main power and pivotal centre of Minoan culture. The first palaces (Knossos, Mallia, Phaistos, Hagia Triada and Zakro) were destroyed by an earthquake circa 1730 BCE and rebuilt around 1650 BCE. The palaces withstood a series of earthquakes, and it wasn’t until the cataclysmic volcanic eruption at Thera and subsequent invasion of the Mycenaeans, that saw the demise of these extraordinary people and culture.

Map courtesy of: Go Greece Your Way Map courtesy of: Go Greece Your Way

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