Minoan Civilization Knossos reveals more treasures.

The following is a reblog from Ritaroberts’ blog posted on December 31, 2016. New discoveries suggests that the Minoan Civilization Knossos recovered from the collapse of the social-political system around 1200 B.C., but also rapidly grew and thrived as a cosmopolitan hub of the Aegean and Mediterranean region.The photographs of the Minoan jewelry is absolutely fascinating. It continues to fascinate me how new archaeological finds change our perception of history.

Please enjoy.

Ritaroberts's Blog

The greatness of Knossos grows as new evidence suggests that an ancient Aegean city not only recovered but also flourished following the collapse of the Bronze Age.

The latest discoveries on Crete at the site of the ancient city of Knossos suggest that the capitol of Minoan Civilization was far larger than previously thought.knossos-archaeological-site

Scientists already knew that Knossos was Europe’s oldest city and ruled over the massive trade empire during the Bronze Age, nevertheless, new evidence shows that the Minoans may have actually survived into the Iron Age.

Europe’s oldest city, the majestic site of the Bronze Age, was the seat of power of the mythological King Minos as attested by the Linear B tablets discovered by Sir Arthur Evans while excavating the site in 1900.   The Minoan civilization is widely acclaimed as the birthplace for all western civilization and, when the mainland Greeks came out of the Stone…

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