Roman Bridges

This is an amazing post from one of the best blogs on Roman Architecture and Arts. The photographs of ancient Roman bridges are absolutely stunning. The engineering feats of the Romans astound me as evidenced with the many bridges still intact after a couple thousand of years. Be sure to follow Following Hadrian Photography. The photographs are a delight and the information is amazing.

following hadrian photography

Ancient Roman bridges represent one of the greatest wonders of the Ancient World. They were an exceptional feat of Roman construction. The Romans were undoubtedly the first people to build large and lasting bridges. During the Roman period, bridge building techniques were revolutionised with the introduction of arches by which enabled the Romans to erect structures of great beauty and solidity. Most utilised concrete which the Romans were the first to use for bridges. With such powerful knowledge, Roman road builders spread across Europe, Asia and Africa, building over 900 bridges during the Roman Republic and Empire.

A list of Roman bridges compiled by the engineer Colin O’Connor features 330 Roman stone bridges for traffic, 34 Roman timber bridges and 54 Roman aqueduct bridges, a substantial part still standing and even used to carry vehicles. A more complete survey by the Italian scholar Vittorio Galliazzo found 931 Roman bridges, mostly…

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