Eldol the Mighty, Duke of Gloucester

This is a reblog of a March 21, 2018 post BY ZTEVETEVAN entitled, “Eldol the Mighty, Duke of Gloucester,” from one of my favorite websites, “Under the Influence,” that highlights mythology and legends from around the world. This article caught my interest because it resolves around the famous event known as the Treachery of the Long Knives. Vortigern, the King of the Britons invited the Saxon warlord, Hengist to a peace conference at the mythical Mount Ambrius on Salisbury Plain. However, Hengist slaughtered most of the Briton leaders in the disguise of friendship, a most heinous act. The subsequent tale of vengeance is quite riveting.

Under the influence!

881px-a_chronicle_of_england_-_page_112_-_william_receives_a_fatal_hurt_at_mantes James William Edmund Doyle [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Three Vigorous Ones of Britain

One of the lesser known and unsung heroes of the legend and mythology of the Britons was Eldol, the Duke of Gloucester.  Although mentioned in History of the Kings of Britain by Geoffrey of Monmouth he is largely unknown but his story tells of treachery and revenge in wild, wild times.  He was also known as Eldol the Mighty and was also mentioned in the Triads of BritainbyIolo Morganwg, as one of the Three Vigorous Ones of Britain.  The other two were  Gwrnerth of the sharp shot, who shot and killed the greatest bear that had ever lived using a straw arrow and Gwgawn of the mighty hand.   Gwgawn alone rolled the Stone of Maenarch, which normally needed sixty of the strongest oxen to move it, from the bottom of the…

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