Christy Birmingham Author Interview

Christy Birmingham Author Interview

Christy Birmingham, Author, Poet, and Blogger


It is my honor to introduce Christy Birmingham, a Canadian poet, author, and blogger. I’ve know Christy since 2014, when she asked me to do a guest blog about gender roles in ancient history and its relevance to modern times for her website When Women Inspire. It has been a pleasure to follow her and to see how her topics have expanded on her website. She does daily posts on a variety of issues that impact women. She has now begun another website When Business Inspire devoted to helping you grow your business.

Christy graciously accepted my invitation to interview her. Below is her biography, interview, and contact information. I encourage you to follow Christy Birmingham and check out her websites.


Christy Birmingham is a blogger, author, and poet who resides in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She uses her writing to show others that they too can get through difficult times as she has, personally with anxiety and depression, as well as professionally with starting her own business.

Interview Christy Birmingham

Would you provide an overview of the poetry you wrote in Versions of the Self?

In Versions of the Self, I describe the different relationships with the self that exist in the world. For example, there are romantic relationships, friendships, and also the special way of being one has with oneself. As we communicate with others, we can learn and change each other. The poems reflect on these different interactions.


In what ways does your poetry reflect who you are?

My poems are free form, which I think speaks to my ability to be in the present moment. Some readers tell me the poems are very unique and my life certainly has been that! I like that they are not so vague too that no one can understand them; I hope that when people meet me in person I come across as clearly as my poetry.

What inspired you to write the collection of poetry for Versions of the Self and what do you hope a reader will gain from reading these poems?

I was inspired by thoughts of being true to oneself. It started my introspection into who I really am and how time spent with others and by myself can impact my sense of self, as well as potentially positively impacting them.

What inspired you to host the website When Women Inspire?

This site is near and dear to my heart. I remember back in 2014 I was looking for women’s accomplishments and couldn’t find exactly what I wanted to read all in one place online. So I decided to create When Women Inspire to celebrate the amazing things women are doing worldwide. Since then it has grown into a space that offers women tips for making the most of their lives. Really I just want to help people be all they can be.

Is there any post that stands out that has inspired you?  Explain why.

There are too many to choose! Some guest posts have made me cry, including the one by Elaine Pereira about her mother, who was diagnosed with dementia. The heartfelt contributions I received from guest contributors are amazing, as are the comments I receive daily from readers.

You refer to yourself as a feminist. How would you define a feminist and what she believes in? How have these beliefs impacted you as a writer?

For me, a feminist is someone who believes in equal treatment between genders. I realize there are differences in strength but it is the equal respect that I demand in a world that has had a patriarchal structure for too long. These beliefs have come up time and again on When Women Inspire and I welcome the ability to spread word about how women are changing the globe for the better.

What are three things you think we can all do to make the world a better place?

I believe that we all can (1) determine what special gifts we bring to the table; (2) bravely use these abilities to help others; (3) continue to carry on with this objective, even when the obstacles seem insurmountable.

What might we be surprised to learn about you?

I’m older than most people think I am. I credit my parents who both look much younger than their age. I recently turned 40 and received a lot of comments on social media that I was turning several years older than they thought.

What simple pleasure makes you smile?

The sound of someone laughing. I hope to hear that beautiful sound every day.

You can contact Christy Birmingham as follows:

When Women Inspire

When Business Inspires




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