Apollo: wolf-god

The following reblog of the post entitled, Apollo: wolf-god,” piqued my interest because Apollo, a god considered the most rational, artistic and fastidious of the Olympians, is associated with a wolf. Some denied that Apollo Lykeios had anything to do with wolves, deriving his name from either the place-name Lycia, or else from leukós, white (referring to the sun). Yet, there is still enough traces of evidence that Apollo the worshipped as the Wolf-God.

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The Greek god Apollo is the most rational, artistic and fastidious of the Olympians. So why is an animal noted for its ravening nature part of his cult?

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Caesar’s war in Gaul

This is a reblog of an an excellent article written by David Xu on Caesar’s war in Gaul which is considered his greatest conquest.

No man in history defined their civilization quite like Julius Caesar did for Rome. In many ways Caesar was the quintessential Roman: proud, ambitious, charismatic, daring, and a masterful politician. He also possessed qualities that fostered resentment among the Republic and accelerated the transition of Rome into an Empire, being the first to claim the title of Roman Dictator for a decade. Even from an early age stories of Caesar showed glimpses of his potential as a leader and successful politician, but what catapulted and cemented him as Rome’s most iconic ruler all started from his conquest of Gaul.

David Xu

This is the story of Caesar’s greatest conquest: Gaul

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