Medicinal Plants of Brittany

The following is a reblog of an articled entitled, Medicinal Plants of Brittany,” posted on 5th Jun 2021 Posted on Bonjour From Brittania. It is a fascinating overview of various plants used for medicinal uses before modern medicine.

Bonjour From Brittany

In the rural Brittany of yesteryear, where doctors were very rare, the populace were happy to utilise the healing power of plants and other natural remedies. Sometimes, the intervention of the local healer or witch was sought but often people were content to apply the ancient wisdom that had been transmitted within the family from generation to generation. The remedies needed to treat the most common diseases and ailments were well known and families had long learned what plants were essential to cultivate near the home.

In Brittany, healers were generally believed to have been bestowed with their curative powers at birth although certain circumstances were thought more auspicious than others. The most powerful healers were held to be found amongst those born on Good Friday or on the first day of August or on a Friday in March, provided that day was one of the odd days of theā€¦

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