Taranis – Jupiter Taranis – Celtic God of the Sky and Thunder 

The following is a reblog of a post entitled, “Taranis – Jupiter Taranis – Celtic God of the Sky and Thunder,” published by legendsandmore. This is an in-depth overview of the beliefs associated with this Celtic god.

Celtic Mythology

Taranis was the supreme god of the sky and thunder in the Celtic territories. The Romans equated Taranis to their god, Jupiter, suggesting he was the leader of deities. Devotees worshipped Taranis as a Celtic divinity in his own right or as the Romano-Celtic god, Taranis Jupiter.

The cult centres of Taranis were Gaul and Britain. The worship of Taranis also flourished in the Rhineland, the Danube region of eastern Europe, Spain and Ireland.

Taranis in the Celtic and Romano-Celtic World

Taranis, meaning “Thunderer”, was a god of thunder, storms and extreme weather events. The lightning bolts controlled by Taranis were strange, supernatural phenomena of the Otherworld.

The Celts believed the celestial god, Taranis, manifested himself as a tempest in the sky. The wheels of Taranis’ horse-drawn chariot made the loud claps of thunder as he travelled across the heavens.

The Celtic tribes paid homage to Taranis in the form…

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