Welcome to the final day of the Breakfield and Burkey #ShortStories Blog Tour! Drop by! @enigmaseries @RRBC_Org @4WillsPub @nonniejules #RRBC #4WillsPub

It is my pleasure to reblog the final day of the Breakfield and Burkey blog tour that features their novella OUT OF POLAND at the website WATCH NONNIE WRITES.

Watch Nonnie Write!


Hello, friends!

I’m so happy you dropped by today to help me close out the final day of  Authors, Breakfield and Burkey’s #ShortStories Blog Tour!  If you visited this post on another stop and your comment didn’t appear, we’re assuming there were technical issues, but I wanted to ensure everyone got the chance to chime in on their final post.  The co-authors have featured 7 titles in their short story collection along this tour, and today I’m turning my blog over to them so that they can share with you, OUT OF POLAND.


For multiple generations, the R-Group focused on helping those impacted by oppressors and those who sought power and wealth at the expense of the average person. One of the group’s founding principles was the ethical high ground in choosing the path to take to solving problems. Jacob Michaels, a continuing character in the…

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