Antumnos: A Hypothesis of the Gaulish Afterlife

The following is a reblog of the post entitled, Antumnos: A Hypothesis of the Gaulish Afterlife,” from the website NEMETON DUMNONANTU. The post describes evidence for Gaulish views of the otherworld and afterlife with references to Irish and Welsh mythology and beliefs.

Nemeton Dumnonantu


A little while ago, I had a conversation with a friend of mine in the Gaulish Polytheism community regarding different deities associated with death and the afterlife, as well as the possibility that some deities might be the same, but under different titles in inscriptions. Given that there are no surviving mythologies regarding the intricacies of Gaulish religious thought, most of what we come up with comes from cross comparative analysis with other Indo-European and Celtic communities, our understanding of the Gauls through the eyes of their neighbors such as the Greeks and the Romans, and some well educated speculation. Through the conversation I had with my friend, I found myself pulling much of what I had discovered while working through my Gaulish cultural studies in the Initiates Program in ADF. I realized that there were certain things that I have discovered in my studies regarding the Otherworld and…

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