Dante’s Divine Comedy–A Post For The U.L.S., The Underground Library Society, by Robbie Cheadle

The following is a reblog of a post entitled DANTE’S DIVINE COMEDY–A POST FOR THE U.L.S., THE UNDERGROUND LIBRARY SOCIETY, BY ROBBIE CHEADLE. This article provides an overview of “Dante’s Divine Comedy” which I found compelling.

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Thank you to Robbie Cheadle, a long time member of the U. L. S. The Underground Library Society!


Dante’s Divine Comedy


Divine Comedy is a narrative poem, written in Italian and translated to English. Dante Alighieri spent twelve years writing this poem which was completed in 1320. The poem is divided into three parts: Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso.

The poem starts with Dante, the protagonist of the poem, finding himself in a dark and wild forest at night. The road towards the sunshine on the other side of a hill is guarded by three beasts which Dante cannot pass. He is in despair when Virgil, a pagan soul from the first circle of Hell, appears and tells him that the beautiful and good Beatrice, a woman who died young and was an object of admiration and desire by Dante, had arrange for him to journey through Hell, Purgatory, and…

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Roman Gods of the Month: April

The following is a reblog of the article entitled, ROMAN GODS OF THE MONTH: APRIL, that was published on the website: NEPTUNE’S DOLPHINS. It is an interesting overview of Festivals celetrated in Rome during the month of April.

Neptune's Dolphins

April for Romans is the time of opening buds. Flowers appear, trees come into leaf, and new crops are coming up. At this time, most of the festivals are centered on honoring the fertility of the land and protecting the crops. The Gods honored are either female or ambiguous. Of the various festivals that I follow are:

On April 1, the Veneralia is held. During this festival, women would go where the men are. While they would pray to Venus Verticordia (Venus, the Changer of Hearts) and Fortuna Virilis (Fortune the Bold) for support in their love lives. Later the festival included everyone, married and single, male and female asking these two Goddesses for help in matters of the heart. (Venus is considered the tutelary God of April.)

From the 12th to the 19th, the Cerialia is held to honor Ceres, Goddess…

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