The Celtic God Lugh, the “Shining One”

This is a reblog of a post about the The Celtic God Lugh by Justin McCarthy.

Justin R. McCarthy

The following is an except from my book Saint Brigid, the Celts & the Early Irish Church:

The god Lugh was praised by the Celts as a warrior, a poet, and a craftsman. His name (pronounced loo) means “the shining one” and his status throughout the Celtic world is shown by the number of cities and counties that bear some variation of his name. These include Lyon in France, Louth County in Ireland, and Leiden in Holland. London is a Latinized version of the original name Lugdunum which meant Fortress of Lugh.

He fought with weapons that were both indestructible and unstoppable—a sword named Fragarach (“the answer”) and a spear called Areadbhair (“the slaughterer”).

He was accompanied by his ferocious hound, Failinis. The dog is described in the Book of Lismore as “That hound of mightiest deeds, Which was irresistible in hardness of combat.”[1] We’re also…

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