Mythologies of celtic/irish people

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Indigenous Peoples Literature

Irelandis a country with countless tales of myth and folklore. But none are more often repeated than the tales ofleprechauns, selkies and the banshees.


TheLeprechaunis perhaps the most famous of all Irish legends. Said to be a type of fairy, the Leprechaun is a cobbler, making the shoes of all other fairy folk. Usually depicted as an old and bearded man, Leprechauns are never female. Legend tells that when the Danes invadedIreland, the fairies hid all there treasure from the marauding hordes. The Leprechauns were given the task of guarding the treasure. Unfortunately, the rainbow always points to the location of the leprechauns treasure, so he must constantly be moving the trove.

Legends of Celtic Mythology

What is the Real Celtic Creation Myth?

What Is Irish Mythology?

Celtic Mythology

Gaelic Mytholog

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