The Crow and Minerva

This is a reblog of the post entitled, “The Crow and Minerva,” that was posted on the website: Myth of the Web. This is the first time that I heard that Minerva also punished the crow, besides Apollo.. It is a tale of caution on why Minerva punished the raven and demoted it to a lower status while the night owl took over the position as Minerva’s attendant.

Myth on the Web

Figure 1: Nikias. Mixing Bowl, Ceramics, Terracotta, 14 ¾ x 16 1/8 in., Greece, Greek/Roman and Hellenistic Galleries, 400 BC. Accessed online at:

When comparing the version Ovid tells to the webpage article, “Changing Stories: Ovid’s Metamorphoses on canvas,” it goes into more detail about the myth explaining why Erichthonius was born, why the crow was punished for gossiping, and Apollo’s part in the story. It does not cite where they received their information, so to confirm whether they are correct or not, primary and secondary sources were utilized. After further investigation, the webpage does appear to have all their information to be similar to the most commonly told versions of the story and it does all its analysis on a painting from the renaissance depicting the Cecrop sisters uncovering Erichthonius. Other sources were found to verify the information on the webpage and to include information that may be…

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