The Curse of Clansmen and Kings series sweeps you into an epic Celtic tale of forbidden love, mythological adventure, and political intrigue in Ancient Rome and Britannia. The epic journey of Catrin and Marcellus begins with the awarding-winning novel APOLLO’S RAVEN and continues in Book 2: DAGGER’S DESTINY to be released soon.

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Book 1: Apollo’s Raven

The first book, APOLLO’S RAVEN, in the Curse of Clansmen and Kings series is available in four formats at Amazon. Click on one of the below to purchase.

Hard Cover (limited first edition)
Audiobook (Free with Audible trial)

A Celtic warrior princess is torn between her forbidden love for the enemy and duty to her people.

AWARD-WINNING APOLLO’S RAVEN sweeps you into an epic Celtic tale of forbidden love, mythological adventure, and political intrigue in Ancient Rome and Britannia. In 24 AD British kings hand-picked by Rome to rule are fighting each other for power. King Amren’s former queen, a powerful Druid, has cast a curse that Blood Wolf and the Raven will rise and destroy him. The king’s daughter, Catrin, learns to her dismay that she is the Raven and her banished half-brother is Blood Wolf. Trained as a warrior, Catrin must find a way to break the curse, but she is torn between her forbidden love for her father’s enemy, Marcellus, and loyalty to her people. She must summon the magic of the Ancient Druids to alter the dark prophecy that threatens the fates of everyone in her kingdom.

Will Catrin overcome and eradicate the ancient curse. Will she be able to embrace her forbidden love for Marcellus? Will she cease the war between Blood Wolf and King Amren and save her kingdom?

Book 2: Dagger’s Destiny

Exciting news! The release date for Book 2: DAGGER’S DESTINY in the Curse of Clansmen and Kings series has been set for September 26th.

In the rich and vibrant epic tale, the story of Catrin and Marcellus continues, which began with the awarding-winning novel of APOLLO’S RAVEN in the Curse of Clansmen and Kings series. You can now pre-order the e-book at the reduced price of $2.99 by clicking on the book cover below.

A Celtic warrior princess accused of treason for aiding her enemy Roman lover must win back her father’s love and trust

War looms over 24 AD Britannia where rival tribal rulers fight each other for power and the Romans threaten to invade to settle their political differences. King Amren accuses his daughter, Catrin, of treason for aiding the Roman enemy and her lover, Marcellus. The ultimate punishment is death unless she can redeem herself. She must prove loyalty to her father by forsaking Marcellus and defending their kingdom. Forged into a warrior, she must overcome tribulations and make the right decisions on her quest to break the curse that foretells her banished half-brother and the Roman Empire will destroy their kingdom.

Yet, when Catrin again reunites with Marcellus, she is torn between her love to him and duty to King Amren. She must ultimately face her greatest challenger who could destroy her life, freedom, and humanity.

Will Catrin finally break the ancient prophecy that looms over her kingdom? Will she abandon her forbidden love for Marcellus to win back her father’s trust and love? Can King Amren balance his brutality to maintain power with the love he feels for his daughter?