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Gift for Mom Event

Gift for Mom Event Looking for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day? I’ll be joining a select group of authors who have joined forces to bring you amazing audiobooks. You’ll have a chance to listen to our audiobooks. Celebrate Mother’s … Continue reading

Press Release 3rd Annual PenCraft Award Ceremony to be Headlined by Linnea Tanner for Outstanding Literary Achievement; Book Signing at Old Firehouse Books

Contact: Linnea Tanner Email: Phone: 720-201-1197 Website: Press Release 3rd Annual PenCraft Awards Ceremony To Be Headlined by Linnea Tanner for Outstanding Literary Achievement; Book Signing at Old Firehouse Books The PenCraft Awards for 2019 will recognize 48 remarkable … Continue reading

With a Celtic Twist

Originally posted on LITERARY TITAN:
Linnea Tanner Author Interview Amulet’s Rapture finds Catrin, a princess of Britannia, a warrior, and a druidess ending up a slave to a Roman. How did the initial idea for this novel develop and change…

Apollo: wolf-god

Originally posted on We Are Star Stuff:
The Greek god Apollo is the most rational, artistic and fastidious of the Olympians. So why is an animal noted for its ravening nature part of his cult? Even the ancients found this…

Caesar’s war in Gaul

Originally posted on David Xu:
This is the story of Caesar’s greatest conquest: Gaul Julius Caesar No man in history defined their civilization quite like Julius Caesar did for Rome. In many ways Caesar was the quintessential Roman: proud, ambitious, charismatic,…

New Release Amulet’s Rapture

Amulet’s Rapture Released Today Oct 29 I’m excited to announce that AMULET’S RAPTURE (Book 3 Curse of Clansmen and Kings) has been released today, October 29th! Seize your destiny and continue the epic Celtic tale of Catrin, a Druid warrior princess, … Continue reading


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