Book review – Apollo’s Raven by Linnea Tanner

It is a pleasure to reblog the Book review of Apollo’s Raven posted by Luciana Cavallaro–an Australian historian and exciting author whom I follow. Be sure to check out her website and blog.

Eternal Atlantis

Have you ever wondered what life would be like in Ancient Britannia in the 1st Century CE? Or how the British Celts felt about the invasion of the Romans and the political unrest that ensued?

Apollo’s Raven is insightful and informative historical novel from new American writer Linnea Tanner. It paints a picture of Ancient Britannia and the ruling structure of the Celtic tribes, an antithesis of what made the Roman Empire powerful and dominant dictators.

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Update Apollo’s Raven Release April 10

Update Apollo’s Raven Release April 10

Exciting news! The first book in the Apollo’s Raven series will be released on April 10th. The historical fiction/epic fantasy fulfills my lifelong dream to publish a story based on a character I first imagined as a child.

Catrin, Celtic Warrior Princess

You can pre-order the paperback (ISBN 978-0-9982300-0-9), the e-book ISBN (978-0-9982300-2-3), and the special edition hardcover book (ISBN 978-0-9982300-1-6) at

The following video book trailer is a glimpse of the upcoming release of Apollo’s Raven

About Apollo’s Raven Series

The Apollo’s Raven series weaves historical fiction into an epic Celtic tale of love, magic, adventure, intrigue and betrayal. The series follows two star-crossed lovers in the backdrop of Ancient Rome and Britannia spanning from 24 AD through 40 AD. The Apollo’s Raven epic series is inspired by the legacy of Cleopatra and Mark Antony, but with a Celtic twist. The heroine is based on historical accounts and mythology of Celtic warrior queens. Her Roman lover is the great-grandson of Mark Antony. The vastly different cultures of the empire-building Romans and the mystical Celts in Britannia set the backdrop to the series.

Important Update on Blog and New Website

It had been my intention to integrate this blog into my new author website at However, the integration posed unexpected challenges, as several of the links to images were disconnected. Due to the issues, I’ve decided to maintain Apollo’s Raven as a separate blog and will work over the next few months to fix the links to the missing images.

I cherish the friendship and interactions that I’ve had with subscribers to Apollo’s Raven. For those who are not subscribers to my new website, click on the link below and fill out the form to subscribe. You will receive free the first three chapters of Book 1 of the Apollo’s Raven series.


Subscribers to my new website will also receive periodic newsletters and notifications of new posts on my blog and media buzz. The blog at my author site and Apollo’s Raven will continuing highlighting my ongoing research, book reviews, and author interviews. This summer, I plan to travel to the United Kingdom and will give on-the-spot reports on sites I visit and new discoveries.

Subscribers to my new author website will be notified of special offers and giveaways that are planned for May 2017.

Thank you for following me on my journey.

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Apollo’s Raven Coming Soon


APOLLO’S RAVEN on the Horizon

New exciting changes are on the horizon for the APOLLO’S RAVEN series and a new website. In the next few weeks, the current website will transition to an author website in anticipation for the release of the first book, APOLLO’S RAVEN.

The two blogs maintained for APOLLO’S RAVEN will be melded into one blog on the new website. Topics on the new blog will include my research and travels to sites described in the books, author interviews, and other topics of interest to readers. The new site will provide the latest news on the release of my books, events I will be attending, and a reader’s guide that can be used in book clubs.

My journey for writing the APOLLO’S RAVEN series began in 2010. My blog went live on January 4th, 2012. I’ve met wonderful authors, writers, friends, and readers who have been very supportive. The photographs of the Celtic Warrior Princess Catrin which inspired me were taken by my friend and photographer, Rebekah West.

Celtic Spiritual Warrior

Celtic Warrior Princess Catrin

I’ve also met roadblocks. But constructive feedback from authors, writers and agents prompted me to re-envision the APOLLO’S RAVEN series as historical fiction that weaves epic Celtic tales of love, magic, adventure, intrigue and betrayal in Ancient Rome and Britannia.

Overview White Cliffs Britain

White Cliffs Southeast Britannia

The first book of the series is set in 24 AD Britannia, where the magical world of the Celtic tribal kingdoms is explored. The historical backdrop of the epic story is based on new archaeological findings that strongly suggest that Rome not only had strong political influence, but also a military presence in southeast Britannia. The political situation is similar to Egypt under the rule of Cleopatra.

APOLLO’S RAVEN will ultimately be available in print, e-book, and audio format. It has now been formatted for print and is undergoing final proofing. The release date will be announced soon after the new website goes live in the next couple of weeks.

I invite you to take an adventure into the vastly different worlds of Ancient Rome and Britannia, where Celtic tales are inspired.

What happens when forbidden love and loyalty create a tangled web of deception?

The Celtic Warrior Princess Catrin is swept into a political web of deception when the Emperor Tiberius demands allegiance from her father, King Amren.

Celtic Woman Warrior Prepares for Battle

Celtic Warrior Princess Catrin

Catrin is drawn by the magnetic pull she feels for Marcellus, the great-grandson of Mark Antony, who is caught under the shadow of his scandalous forefathers. When King Amren takes Marcellus as a hostage, he demands that she spy on him. As she falls in love, she discovers a curse that foretells a future she desperately wants to break.

Torn between her forbidden love for the enemy and loyalty to her people, Caitlin urgently calls upon the magic of the Ancient Druids to alter the dark prophecy that awaits her.

Celtic Woman Warrior Summons Raven Spirit

Catrin Summons Magic of Ancient Druids

Will she save her lover? Will her father succumb to the Emperor? Discover the truth in APOLLO’S RAVEN.

Interview Luciana Cavallaro, Author Accursed Women


Introduction to Luciana Cavallaro

Phograph of Luciana Cavallaro
It was my pleasure to interview Luciana Cavallaro, an exciting new author of ACCURSED WOMEN, which retells the stories of five legendary women.

Luciana grew up in the small town in Western Australia. The first in her family to attain a university degree, she taught in government and private schools. Her passion for mythology and Ancient History was ignited upon seeing the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. From then on, her inspiration to write Historical Fantasy was born. She has traveled extensively to Greece and Italy— the inspiration for her stories. After working as a teacher in high schools, she decided to fulfill her life-long ambition of being an author and storyteller.

Luciana has completed writing two unpublished novels in the SERVANT OF THE GODS series and has published several short stories which are available on Amazon and Smashwords.

Interview Luciana Cavallaro 

What was your inspiration for retelling the five stories of the following legendary women in ACCURSED WOMEN: Phaedra, Helen of Sparta, Hera, Pandora, and Medousa?

Luciana: The idea for Aphrodite’s Curse came after I read Euripides’ play called Hippolytus. I knew Phaedra was one of Ariadne’s siblings but didn’t know much more about her. I read as much as I could on the character wanting to learn more, but there wasn’t a lot of information on her. So I thought why not write a story from her point of view. She was a relatively unknown character from mythology and I decided this was a great opportunity to give her a voice. I published the short story as an ebook and it wasn’t until a month or so later I had an epiphany and inspired to write stories of women/goddesses whose reputation was tarnished by either events or circumstance. It was a great journey of exploration and I am grateful to tell their stories.

One of the unique aspects of ACCURSED WOMEN is that each story is told by a different storyteller, including a historian and a talk show host.  Did you have a special purpose for retelling these myths from the perspective of various storytellers?

Luciana: I wanted to present the stories in a different light and perspective. Three of the storytellers are male, a deliberate choice as the writers of the day were mainly men who did not paint women in a favourable light. Drake Drabbler in the A Goddess’ Curse did try to emulate the naysayers of the past but I think Hera won that battle. I loved the idea of a talk show host and wanted to write a more contemporary story of the myth of Hera and in a familiar setting.

The monologue was an interesting methodology as I had many readers respond saying they didn’t like Phaedra but really enjoyed the story and could understand her actions. The Curse of Troy was inspired by Herodotos. Not only did he give crucial details about Helen not going to Ilios but I wanted to pay tribute to the first travel journalist. The historian is loosely based on Herodotos, though he never did meet Helen. With Boxed in a Curse I wanted a familial approach to one of the oldest myths in Greek mythology and the origins of the Golden Race orated by Hesiod. The poet did not like women! I also thought it would be a nice way to draw connections between the past and present. Cursed by Treachery was experimental and to be honest I wasn’t sure it was going to work. It was challenging to write a story in retrospect and one I will attempt again. It forced me to consider the actions of the “hero” Perseus and the “villain” Medousa. What led to her transformation and why did it happen?

Each of the short stories in ACCURSED WOMEN present a more favorable perspective of these legendary women from what had been written in the original myths. Was this your intent in rewriting these tales?

Luciana: At the time I thought it would be more thought-provoking to write the stories and present the characters in a sympathetic way yet (and hoped to achieve) make them credible. Real women with issues which today’s generation can either empathise or at least comprehend their actions. I was asked once whether rewriting these familiar and famous characters was a daunting prospect. Even if you haven’t read Greek Mythology most people would have heard of Helen, Pandora and Medousa. At the time no, but once I had finished and published the stories, then it hit me people/readers may not appreciate what I have written. What I hoped to achieve was to make the stories accessible for everyone to read and enjoy.

Some of the short stories have different twists from the original myths. Of particular note is Helen of Sparta from The Iliad. Were these twists based on other historical written accounts?

Luciana: Helen’s story was based on a passage from Herodotos’ Histories on his travels to Egypt. He was told by Egyptian priests how Paris’ ship ran into bad weather on his way from Sparta with Helen on board. The ship was forced to land in Egypt. Paris leaves Helen in Egypt after being denounced by his slaves and the King of Egypt charges him with offences of abduction and stealing from Menelaos. Herodotos even references Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey which indicates Helen was not in Troy during the war. This information can be found in Book Two of the Histories and does lend credence to Herodotos’ theory.

As for the other four short stories, they weren’t based on any historical account. It was my version of telling their stories in a different way or rather, how they wanted their story told.

You are currently writing novels in the Servant of the Gods series. Could you give a teaser as to what these stories are about?

Luciana: The series is about the Greek gods and their impending dissolution. To avert the coming of a new religion they set their children on a quest to recover ancient relics of the Mother Goddess. I have a blurb for book one: THE GOLDEN SERPENT. I hope it’s okay with you if I add it here Linnea and would love to hear what your followers think. It is a work in progress. I haven’t posted it on my blog as yet and your followers are the first to read it.

When is a dream not a dream?

What if you’re born during another time grew up in the 21st century and thrust back into the past? Confused? So is Evan Chronis.

One morning he woke up drenched and smelling like he’d been swimming in the ocean. Plagued by strange dreams, sleepless nights and visions Evan seeks the help of a sleep specialist to find a solution. All seems to go well…

Then one night, drawn by screams he ventures out onto the back veranda and sees blood trickling down the limestone steps. He follows the trail down into the garden and as his foot touches the cool grass, he vanishes.

It’s not where he appears, it’s when.

There is no future and no past, just the present.

Thank you Linnea for having me and it’s been a pleasure talking with you.

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