Paperback Giveaway AuthorsXP

Paperback Giveaway AuthorsXP

Greetings everyone. Check out the paperback giveaway (multi-genre) sponsored by AuthorsXP for a chance to win the grand prize of 45+ books. If you participate, you’ll gain access to the AXP BOOK FAIR to find more books in the genre on sale or free. My historical fantasy, Apollo’s Ravenis included in the GIVEAWAY and the AXP BOOK FAIR.

Win up to 45+ Paperback Books!

(1) Grand Prize “Gift Basket” of ALL Books!
(45+) Winners of Individual Books (randomly selected titles)

Winner of March/April Subscriber Giveaway

Congratulations to Jane Davis for being a winner of a signed, special edition hardcover of Apollo’s Raven in the March/April GIVEAWAY.

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