Mistranslation altered meaning of ancient festival

Below is a fascinating post by Luciana Cavallaro entitled, “Mistranslation Altered Meaning of Cncient Festival,” that highlights some of the pagan roots for Easter that was picked-up in Christian traditions.
JUNE 8, 2018 / CAV12

Luciana Cavallaro

Some years ago, when I was researching about Pandora for my short story collection Accursed Women, I learnt there was an error in translation of a word. The significance of that mistranslation changed the way in which the myth was told and, subsequent interpretations through art and spin off stories. You can read about my blog post here: Idle curiosity of malicious intent. While researching about the origins of Easter, I learnt (many of you may already know this) that the Greek word ‘Pascha’ meaning Passover was mistranslated as Easter.

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