Some Breton Love Spells

The following is a reblog of a post entitled, “Some Breton Love Spells,” that was published on 4 Feb 2023 by Bonjour From Brittany. Throughout history, people looking for love often turned to rituals, love potions and spells to obtain the affections of one you desire.

Bonjour From Brittany

Spells to attract that most elusive of treasure, true love, have been noted in disparate cultures across the world since the earliest times. It is therefore no surprise that in the Brittany of yesterday, spells and charms to inspire romantic desire were also once quite widespread.

Consumed with hard work from before dawn to after dusk, opportunities for young people to meet and mix with folk outside their immediate neighbourhood were largely limited to communal events such as weddings, fairs, saints’ pardons and church services. If one was fortunate enough to have found someone that quickened their heart, the challenge then lay in trusting in their sincerity and the depth of their devotion.

Love Spells - Brittany

In Brittany, pins, coins, bread and even broken pottery were used at sacred springs in the quest to find true love. Different sites had their own rituals but people traditionally took an omen from the behaviour…

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